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Cultural diversity

How do we support cultural diversity?

As opportunities for people to exercise choice and control are expanded, ADHC is committed to working in ways that are supportive and empowering of people with disability from culturally diverse backgrounds, and their families and communities. This means:

  • ensuring people are able to be engaged in all aspects of service development, planning and delivery
  • increasing the capacity of ADHC, the sector and the community to provide culturally competent supports and services
  • innovative and flexible service planning and delivery that focuses on the needs of culturally diverse people
  • developing culturally specific resources to increase awareness of and access to supports
  • building the capacity of culturally and linguistically diverse people, families and communities to access relevant information, and fully participate in a person centred system.

A number of frameworks, policies and plans guide us in providing support that is culturally appropriate, accessible and responsive:

What are our current initiatives and strategies?

Cultural Competency Scoping

ADHC recently completed a Cultural Competency Scoping Project. The purpose of this project was to scope cultural competency activity across ADHC and the funded sector. The aim was to gather information that can be used for planning, developing community partnerships, and building the capacity of staff in ADHC and the funded sector to work cross culturally. In the longer term this project will facilitate access to culturally appropriate and responsive services.

Read the Cultural Competency Scoping Project Final Report (PDF).

Cultural Competency Framework

Work is underway to develop a Cultural Competency Framework which will include a communication and engagement strategy, resources and training tools. Its purpose is to build sustainable diversity capabilities that will support staff in all areas of the sector to deliver culturally competent person centred planning, support and service provision.

What resources are available?

Translated resources

A number of resources have been translated in a range of languages for use by people with disability, their families and carers and service providers. These can also be accessed by clicking on the ‘Your Language’ at the top right hand side of any web page.

Language Services

ADHC is committed to the development and implementation of practical communication strategies to ensure equitable access to programs.

The Language Services Policy (PDF) identifies the principles, purpose and procedures for providing and using language services in accordance with current State Government policy. The policy is accompanied by Language Services Guidelines (PDF) which provide practical support to ADHC staff. The Guidelines are also relevant to staff in ADHC funded agencies, who are encouraged to use them to guide and develop their practice and systems for the use of language services.

In relation to language services all ADHC and ADHC funded services are also bound by NSW Government Policy through Language Services Provision in Multicultural NSW - Premier’s Circular M2011-06.

These factsheets provide more information about Language Services:

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