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Disability Inclusion Act 2014

The Disability Inclusion Bill 2014 was passed by the NSW Parliament on 14 August 2014. Upon assent, the Bill will become the Disability Inclusion Act 2014.

Read the media release about the Act.

The Act aims to better recognise the human rights of people with disability and to help people move to the new funding arrangements under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The Act:
  • makes it clear that people with disability have the same human rights as other people
  • promotes the inclusion of people with disability by requiring government departments and local councils to engage in disability inclusion action planning 
  • supports people with disability to exercise choice and control through individualised funding wherever possible
  • provides safeguards for people accessing NSW funded disability supports and services, including new employment screening requirements and the need for disability accommodation providers to report abuse or neglect of people with disability to the Ombudsman.

The Act will be available on the NSW legislation website when the Bill is assented to by the Governor. View a copy of the Bill as it was passed by both Houses of Parliament.

The Act has not yet commenced. A draft Disability Inclusion Regulation will shortly be published for consultation. This Regulation will set out some more detail about the operation of the Act. Once the Regulation has been finalised, both the Act and the Regulation will commence.

A set of five fact sheets has been developed to help you understand the Disability Inclusion Legislation 2014:

  1. DIA fact sheet 1 - overview of the Act (August 2014) (PDF)
    Easy Read version (PDF)
    Auslan video
    Community languages

  2. DIA fact sheet 2 - disability planning (August 2014) (PDF)
    Easy Read version (PDF)
    Auslan video
    Community languages

  3. DIA fact sheet 3 - supports, services and funding (August 2014) (PDF)
    Easy Read version (PDF)
    Auslan video
    Community languages

  4. DIA fact sheet 4 - employment screening (August 2014) (PDF)
    Easy Read version (PDF)
    Auslan video
    Community languages

  5. DIA fact sheet 5 - reporting abuse and neglect (August 2014) (PDF)
    Easy Read version (PDF)
    Auslan video
    Community languages

The reasons for change and objectives of the new law

The NSW Government is committed to improving the lives of people with disability, their family and carers.

As a part of that process, we commenced a review of NSW disability law in 2012.

For 21 years the Disability Services Act 1993 has been the main legal foundation in NSW for providing supports and services to people with disability. When it was made, the Act set out a progressive, rights-based approach to supporting people with disability.

However the past decade has seen significant changes in the way people with disability are supported. Most important of these are:

  • respecting the independence of people with disability
  • recognising the right of people with disability to be in control of their lives and to make or be involved in decisions that affect them
  • ensuring people with disability can participate fully in the community.

The Disability Inclusion Act 2014 takes into account the extensive feedback on the public consultation on the draft Disability Inclusion Bill 2014.

A report summarising the feedback and our response is available:

Read more about the Disability Inclusion Bill 2014 including the public submissions on the draft Bill.

More information

For more information about the Disability Inclusion Act 2014, please email or call 1800 446 470.

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