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NSW Ageing Strategy: Helping seniors to live healthy, active and socially connected lives

9 July 2012

Minister for Ageing Andrew Constance has today launched the NSW Ageing Strategy – a whole-of-government approach to help seniors live healthy, active and socially connected lives.

A number of initiatives will be delivered as part of the Strategy, including $500,000 to fund low cost training programs to help seniors become ‘tech savvy’.

The Minister made the announcement while visiting a computer class for seniors at the City East Community College in Bondi Junction this morning.

“We are living in an online world. Providing affordable training on how to use computers, smartphones and tablets will give seniors the ability to find information and the chance to connect with people here and around the world,” Mr Constance said.

“We need to capitalise on the opportunities that population ageing will bring. People who reach 65 today have the opportunity to enjoy more years of healthy, active living than any generation before them.”

“By up-skilling seniors on the latest technology, we can help them to become more connected with their families and friends and their local communities.”

A new grants program will also be established as part of the Strategy to help local councils build age-friendly communities.

The Local Government Shires Association will administer a funding pool of $550,000 to assist councils with infrastructure, focussing on accessible town centres.

Mr Constance said an ageing community has big implications for health, transport and urban planning and that a whole-of-government approach would be taken in implementing the strategy.

“We want to encourage people to plan for the future, to make decisions about their health, where they want to live, how long they want to work for and how much money they need so that they can enjoy their later years,” Mr Constance said.

A new helpline focused on the abuse of older people will be established as part of the Strategy.

“For a long time people have been calling for a helpline to tackle this issue, particularly financial and psychological abuse,” Mr Constance said.

“The new service will help older people, front line service providers, families and carers end abuse and is a step towards preventing it before it occurs.”

Other highlights of the NSW Ageing Strategy include

Linking seniors to information

The Seniors Card Program will be expanded to include government information and information on local community activities

Living active lives

To promote physical and recreational activities. Existing grants program through the Department of Sport and Recreation will support this initiative.

Travelling safely

The Government will promote the independence and safety of older people as they move from driving to other forms of transport.

Work skills, workplace value

People in their forties and fifties will be a priority for training programs. This initiative will also seek to reduce barriers to older people staying in work.

My life, my decisions

Community education initiative to encourage more people to complete wills, powers of attorney, enduring guardianships and advanced care directives.

Public private partnerships for population ageing

The Government will establish an open dialogue with the private sector to maximise the commercial opportunities as a result of the population ageing.

The Ageing Strategy is an initiative of NSW 2021, the government’s plan for New South Wales and is founded on the government’s Social Policy Framework, Smarter, Stronger Healthier, Safer.

The NSW Ageing Strategy can be viewed at

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