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Sky is no limit for people with disability

7 November 2013

Minister for Ageing and Disability Services, John Ajaka, today released figures detailing that people with disability made an estimated 17 million combined domestic and international flights in last full calendar (2012).

Releasing the figures as part of the Don’t DIS my ABILITY campaign launch, Mr Ajaka, said improvements to check-in, boarding and in-flight facilities had helped to make air travel more accessible for people with disability.

"In Australia, there are more than 4.6 million people who have some form of disability, whether it is a vision, mobility or hearing impairment, meaning approximately one in five of us has some form of accessibility issue," Mr Ajaka said.

"Travel is a vital form of social participation and recent improvements across the transport industry are helping to make it easier for everyone to access and enjoy travel.

"While many are able to travel independently, people with disability are more likely to have others travelling with them, either family, friends or carers.

"There are significant benefits for businesses and industries that adopt more inclusive practices and making their services and premises more accessible to all."

Qantas is a major sponsor of the 2013 Don’t DIS my ABILITY campaign. The official campaign magazine Made You Look features stories around the themes of living, learning and travelling in the community.

The campaign and magazine both celebrate the diversity and ability of people with disability, and work to help promote positive perceptions and encourage active participation in careers, leisure pursuits as well as social activities.

The initiative is centred around the International Day of People with Disability, celebrated each year on 3 December.

To find out more about the Don’t DIS my ABILITY campaign and to get your copy of Made You Look magazine, visit

For more information on Qantas’s accessible travel initiatives visit the Qantas website,

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