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Italian Seniors honoured as part of Seniors Week festivities

21 March 2014

The Minister for Ageing John Ajaka will today pay tribute to the immense contribution Italian seniors have made to the wider community at a Co.As.IT Seniors Week event in Burwood called “The Italian Show”.

In addition to language classes, Co.As.It provides community services in aged care as well as for the youth, mental health, family support and gambling counselling.
  “The NSW Government supports this important work and tonight I will present $1,000 in funding to Co.As.It President, Lorenzo Fazzini,” said Minister Ajaka.
  “It is an honour to be asked to speak at this event for an organisation which contributes so much to the senior Italian community.”

Member for Drummoyne, John Sidoti MP said this event exemplifies the vast contribution Italian migrants have made to the rich cultural fabric of NSW.

“Italian immigration is one of our great multicultural success stories, and it is a pleasure to be able to pay tribute to them and the contribution Italian migrants have made to NSW.”

“I doubt there is a community in NSW that has not benefitted from the incredible influence Italian migrants have made to our culture including our cuisine and civic life, which is why our Italian seniors are such valued members of our communities,” Member for Strathfield, Charles Casuscelli RFD MP said.

Minister Ajaka said due to the huge wave of post war migration from Italy, the Italian community is largely an ageing one, and many of our State’s Italian born residents are now in their senior years.

“They have made a huge contribution to NSW throughout their working lives and continue to do so sharing their wonderful culture and traditions and ensuring they continue to be a vibrant part of the wider cultural make-up of NSW.”

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