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Seniors focus on fitness as part of Seniors Week Health Passport initiative

22 March 2014

Minister for Ageing and Disability Services, John Ajaka and Member for Strathfield Charles Casuscelli RFD MP will today highlight the importance of staying active for seniors at the Seniors Week Health Passport fitness event in Strathfield.

Mr Ajaka said he was pleased to see seniors focussing on ways to stay fit and healthy, which is crucial to maintain an active lifestyle.

“Seniors today are living longer than ever – what we need to ensure is that they are able to enjoy these years by remaining active and healthy,” Mr Ajaka said.

Mr Casuscelli said one of the key focal points of the State Government’s Ageing Strategy is to promote the concept of ‘active living’, which means ensuring seniors remain fit, healthy and engaged within our community.

“Events like today’s Health Passport initiative help seniors to focus on their levels of fitness, set achievable goals for maintaining or improving their capabilities, and also show them simple exercises that they can perform to reach these goals.”

Mr Ajaka said by engaging in sporting and other recreational activities or regular light physical exercise, seniors can improve their mobility and continue to enjoy the activities they enjoyed in their youth well into retirement.

“Regular exercise also lowers the risk of falls and other health issues which commonly affect people in their later stages of life.

“It is great to see so many seniors are taking up the Governments message of ‘active living’ and are continuing to pursue an active lifestyle well into their senior years.”

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