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Active Support = Happy Life

 	Just outside a front door, a seated lady laughs while a standing lady sprays a garden hose.

13 Nov 2015

“We’ve never seen Fran so happy! Fran and her housemates are really keen to get more involved now and we workers like to swap stories about what they like to do. It’s like a competition to see who can get involved in activities as much as possible now,” said Zahra Sadeghpour, group home team leader.

Fran and her housemate Carissa, from the ADHC group home, feature in new ‘Active Support’ videos launched by FACS, Ageing, Disability and Home Care Deputy Secretary Jim Longley today.

“Active Support” is one of the elements of the Accommodation Support Policy and guidelines, which set out principles to maximise positive outcomes for people with disability in the lead up to the National Disability Insurance Scheme and beyond.

The videos show that working with people with disability and encouraging meaningful engagement in everyday activities makes for a happier and more fulfilled day. They depict short ‘penny dropping’ moments showing staff working ‘with’ people rather than doing things ‘for’ them.

To view the videos, visit


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