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DPA Handbook

The DPA Handbook details the obligations and responsibilities a DPA participant and FACS have in the DPA. It also contains information to help people manage their direct payments. The handbook is available in the chapters below:

1. Getting started - Introduction to the Direct Payment Agreement (DPA) Handbook (PDF)
2. Understanding direct payments (PDF)
3. Developing your Individual Plan (PDF)
4. Receiving payments (PDF)
5. Managing your supports (PDF)
6. Employing staff (PDF)
7. Managing your direct payments (PDF)
8. Making changes (PDF)
9. Understanding your rights and responsibilities (PDF)
10. Getting help (PDF)

Download the complete DPA Handbook (PDF)

The DPA Handbook is also available as an audiobook, and in Arabic and Vietnamese.

DPA Handbook Audiobook

DPA Handbook (Arabic)
DPA Handbook (Vietnamese)

If the DPA Handbook is not available in your language, we will try to get it translated for you. Please let the IDEAS DPA Information Line information officer know when you talk to them.

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