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NDS NSW Implementation Plan

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Minister's foreword

I have been privileged to talk with many people with disability and their family and carers about what they want in their lives and what makes it difficult. I have heard stories of achievement and great love, resilience, courage and humour. I have also heard about the hurt, frustration and disadvantage caused by social exclusion.

The NSW Government is committed to shifting the structural and attitudinal barriers that have impacted on the lives of those with disability. This National Disability Strategy NSW Implementation Plan 2012 – 2014 (NSW plan) represents the first plan that captures the NSW priorities and actions across government to promote inclusion for people with disability.

The NSW plan recognises the importance of ensuring access to mainstream services and opportunities so that people with disability enjoy the same rights and opportunities that people take for granted including access to education, entertainment, health, transport and housing.

Effecting significant change in the way things are done does not rely solely on Government. Local organisations, councils, businesses, neighbours and friends all have an important role in strengthening communities. Future NSW disability plans will need to reflect more diverse partnerships and an inclusive community.

The NSW Government recognises the challenge of responding to community needs and deliver to what people with disability require and are entitled to. Equity is only possible if people with disability are empowered and supported by mainstream and specialist disability service providers. The NSW plan complements the implementation of Stronger Together 2 and the first stage launch sites for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

I am pleased to launch the NSW plan to implement the National Disability Strategy in NSW. It demonstrates the O’Farrell Government’s commitment to fairness and addressing the social disadvantage experienced by people with disability and how this is the responsibility of all NSW Government departments. The NSW plan is an important step in making NSW a better place for us to live.

Andrew Constance
Minister for Disability Services 

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