Ageing, Disability & Home Care

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NSW Ageing Strategy

NSW has a great opportunity to realise the benefits of an ageing population and to harness the contribution of seniors in our communities. Equally important will be empowering people to plan ahead for the future they envisage in their later years.

The NSW Ageing Strategy is a key step in the NSW Government responding to these challenges. The NSW Government has developed a whole of government and whole of community strategy which supports individuals to take responsibility for their futures and government to do whatever it can to recognise and remove any barriers to continued participation.

Read the NSW Ageing Strategy
Ageing strategy consultation 

Tech Savvy Seniors program

NSW Government and Telstra

The NSW Government and Telstra both recognise the importance of older people being connected and online. The NSW Government and Telstra have launched an 18 month partnership to extend the Tech Savvy Seniors program to help bridge the gap between those seniors who use technology, and those who don’t. This will deliver real health, social and community benefits, especially for those in rural and remote areas. Find out more about the Tech Savvy Seniors program.

Read the NSW Ageing Strategy 

At a glance 


There has been extensive consultation with the community including:

  • Premier’s Ageing Roundtable held in September 2011
  • 33 public consultations in December 2011 and January 2012 across NSW 
  • 80 formal submissions
  • targeted consultation in May and June 2012 with major opinion leaders and organisations that made submissions to earlier stages.

Consultation within government has included:

  • Ministers nominating five strategies for inclusion in the Strategy
  • circulation of drafts of the Strategy
  • formal consultation and sign off at Director General level.

As a result of feedback received, the document has been restructured to give greater prominence to the vision. There have been very limited changes to the wording of specific actions other than those requested by agencies.

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