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NSW Seniors Week Grants

Grants are available to help communities develop and organise local NSW Seniors Week projects.

Each year in March, more than 900 events take place across metropolitan, regional and rural NSW to celebrate the valuable contribution seniors make to our community.

There are two categories of grant funding for NSW Seniors Week projects:

  • Up to $500
  • $1,000

Who can apply?

All applicants must be from either a local government organisation, non-profit organisation or a community group that is either an:

  • association under the Associations Incorporation Act
  • a co-operative society under the Co-operatives Act
  • a company limited by guarantee under the Companies Code
  • any other incorporated group.

Non-incorporated groups can also apply for a NSW Seniors Week Grant, but will need to ask an incorporated group to sponsor and manage the grant on their behalf.

Community organisations operating on a for-profit basis are not eligible for a NSW Seniors Week Grant.

Eligible activities

We are seeking activities that promote some of the following objectives of NSW Seniors Week:

  • demonstrate that seniors continue to learn and educate themselves especially in the use of computers;
  • promote and celebrate the diversity of older people in our communities;
  • promote and educate seniors on the importance of nutrition and physical activity;
  • offers learning opportunities for seniors to build skills in emerging technology;
  • acknowledge and address the social, recreational and emotional needs of seniors;
  • provide enjoyable opportunities for social inclusion and volunteering in community projects;
  • provide intergenerational activities and contribute to relationships with people of all ages particularly younger people;
  • celebrate older people and their continuing contribution to family, friends, workplaces and communities; and
  • challenge some of society’s stereotypes around ageing
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