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Aboriginal Home Care

Changes to the Home Care Service of NSW

The NSW Government has decided that in the future Home Care will be operated by the non-government sector. There is no immediate change to services or to the Home Care staff that support older people, people with disability, and their families and carers. No changes will take place until 2015. The NSW Government considers this a necessary step to ensure that Home Care can continue to provide quality services to older people and people with disability.

Home Care operating in the non-government sector will help to prepare for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and aged care reforms, and ensure that they are successfully delivered. It will ensure the ongoing availability of the high quality services that Home Care operates. We also believe it will drive improvements and innovation, and allow more choice and control for older people and people with disability who we support.

For more information, you can read the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) for clients on the changes to Home Care.

If you have further questions, please call us on 1800 003 227 and our staff can discuss the upcoming changes with you in more detail. Alternatively you can contact your service coordinator at your local branch.

About Aboriginal Home Care 

Aboriginal Home Care is the largest provider of Home and Community Care services to Aboriginal people in NSW and is part of the Home Care Service of NSW. We provide help to Aboriginal people with a disability and older Aboriginal people to help them remain independent in their own home. We also provide respite support to the carers of Aboriginal people.  

Where is Aboriginal Home Care provided?

There are eight Aboriginal Home Care Service branches across NSW that provide services to our people daily.

Read more about Aboriginal Home Care branches.

What services does Aboriginal Home Care provide?

The main services we provide are:

  • domestic help
  • personal care
  • in-home respite and centre-based day care
  • social support and help with shopping
  • help with food preparation
  • minor home and garden maintenance.

Other services, like transport and intensive in-home support during crisis situations, are available, but not in all branches and outlets. If your local Aboriginal Home Care Service does not offer these services, a referral can be made to another provider who may be able to help.

Read more about services we provide (PDF).

How much help can I get?

We focus on providing basic levels of service (less than 10 hours per four week period). This enables us to help the maximum number of people to remain in their own home.

Extra help for people with high needs is provided on a more limited basis.

For families who need short-term help to get through a difficult time, there is also the short-term Community Options (COPs) package.

How much will it cost?

Aboriginal pensioners and low income clients are not required to pay for domestic assistance, respite or personal care services provided by Aboriginal Home Care.

You will be required, however, to contribute to the cost of other services, such as transport or lawn mowing. These costs are subsidised by the Australian and NSW Governments.

Aboriginal clients who are not receiving a pension, or who earn a higher income, may be required to contribute to the cost of Aboriginal Home Care services. The Aboriginal Access and Assessment Team will advise you of your eligibility.

Read more about cost of Home Care services.

Who is eligible?

You may be eligible for help from Aboriginal Home Care if you are:

  • an older person (45 or over) having difficulty managing in your home
  • younger person with a disability needing help with daily living tasks
  • carer providing help to an older person or a younger person with a disability.

Being eligible does not mean you will automatically get a service as there is a high level of demand. If we are unable to provide services due to resource constraints, we will refer you to other service providers for help.

How do I get a service?

If you are an Aboriginal person who has a disability, is over 45 years of age or is a a carer of an Aboriginal person who is over 45 years or who has a disability, then Aboriginal Home Care may be able to help you. 

Asking us for help is the first step. We call this a ‘referral’. The easiest way to be referred to Aboriginal Home Care is to telephone our Aboriginal Access and Assessment Team on 1300 797 606.

An Aboriginal person will answer the phone and ask you some questions about your health and current living circumstances.

If you are able to get an Aboriginal Home Care service, an assessment person will visit you in your home and talk to you about your needs and ways Aboriginal Home Care can help.

This might mean asking questions about your health, medication and living arrangements. You can have another person with you when the Aboriginal assessment person comes to your house.

If we can help, an agreement outlining your service and fees will be drawn up. Once your service has started, your service needs will be reviewed regularly.

Who delivers the services?

Aboriginal Home Care employs approximately 360 staff. About ninety-five percent of our staff are Aboriginal people. Sometimes, staff providing Aboriginal Home Care services will not be Aboriginal, however this is the exception rather than the rule.

Client information

Our client information page outlines:

  • your rights and responsibilities when receiving an Aboriginal Home Care service
  • how we protect your privacy
  • our code of conduct.

Client feedback

We monitor our performance to make sure clients are happy with the services we provide and to identify where we can improve. We also welcome your feedback. If you have any concerns regarding our service, contact your local Aboriginal Home Care Service branch or call 1300 797 606.

Career opportunities for Aboriginal people in Aboriginal Home Care

Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) is committed to empowering Aboriginal people and their communities through increasing employment and creating career paths.

Aboriginal Home Care is a large employer of Aboriginal people and encourages staff to work in their local area. 

Read more about careers in Aboriginal Home Care.

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