Ageing, Disability & Home Care

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Home Care Service

The Home Care Service of NSW provides support to older people, younger people with disability and their carers to live independently at home and be part of the community.

Our services are designed to meet individual needs to enhance independence, health and wellbeing.

We are the largest provider of home based care in NSW and have been providing support for over 70 years.

We have over 100 locations throughout NSW, including a number of Aboriginal Home Care Service branches that provide a wide variety of services specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients.

What services does Home Care provide?

We can assist you with the tasks you can do with some support or that you are unable to do on your own including:

  • tasks in the home
  • personal care

Depending on your individual needs and location we can support you in other ways to increase your independence. Such as:

  • preparing meals
  • assistance with travel/ transport arrangements
  • shopping and home maintenance
  • participation in community and social activities

We can also support carers to have a planned break from the usual caring role through our respite services.

Assessing your needs

Once you have made contact or Home Care receives a referral on your behalf, we will contact you to talk about your needs and explore ways to help you achieve what’s important to you. We will work with you and/ or your representative to understand your individual needs, preferences, strengths and abilities.


You may be eligible for support from the Home Care Service if you are:

  • an older person aged 65 or over and having difficulties managing in your home (or over 50 if you are an Aboriginal person)
  • a younger person with a disability needing help with daily living tasks
  • a carer providing help to an older person or a younger person with a disability.

Requesting services

To make a referral and/or discuss Home Care service eligibility for you or someone you know, please call one of the following numbers.

Sydney Metropolitan Area: 1800 350 792

Hunter: 1300 731 556

Other regions: 1300 881 144

Aboriginal Access and Assessment Team: 1300 797 606

Community referrers are encouraged to use HSNet ServiceLink as an alternative method or referral:

For assistance in a language other than English, please call the Translating and Interpreting Service 13 14 50.

Telephone 02 9377 6000

Who delivers the services?

We employ approx. 4,500 staff to service 43 branches in over 120 locations throughout NSW. Our care team provides around 4 million hours of service to 50,000 clients each year.

What do services cost?

Clients pay a contribution toward the services they receive from the Home Care Service. Read some general information. Your Home Care Service representative will advise you about what you will contribute.

The remaining costs are shared between the NSW and Australian governments' Home and Community Care program.

Client information

Our client information page outlines:

  • your rights and responsibilities when receiving a Home Care service
  • how we protect your privacy
  • our code of conduct.

There is also a Home Care Service client handbook (PDF) that outlines the client's rights and responsibilities, and Home Care's service conditions and responsibilities to the client as their service provider. It reflects Home Care's strategic philosophy, policies and procedures as well as the legislative requirements, standards and guidelines of the organisations that fund Home Care.

Client feedback

We value your feedback about our services. If you have any concerns regarding our service, please call:

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