Ageing, Disability & Home Care

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Cost of Home Care services

For clients who receive our services under the Home and Community Care Program (HACC) there is a standard rate of contribution. These rates are hourly; however the maximum amount you can pay in a month is capped. You can download Client Contributions - Standard Contribution Scale Fact Sheet (PDF) and Client Contribution FAQ's (PDF) for more information.

The contribution from clients goes toward the cost of delivering services. The Home Care Service does not operate at a profit. All revenue supports service delivery and provides Home Care services to a greater number of people in need within each region throughout the State.

Client contributions


$10.85 per hour

Maximum of $108 over a four week period.

You are classed as pensioners if you receive a full or partial pension or other form of income support (such as a Carer Payment or Health Care Card) from the Australian Government through Centrelink or the Department of Veterans' Affairs and have a pension or health care card.

Private income clients

$16.25 per hour

Maximum payment over a four week period can be capped and is assessed on the basis of your income. Contact the Referral and Assessment Centre for more information.

You are a private income client if you do not receive a full or partial pension, or any form of government income support.

Other Home Care Services

You may receive service under a program funded by the Commonwealth Government such as Veteran's Home Care or the National Respite for Carers Program or receive a Community Aged Care Package. These programs have their own contribution rates and you will be asked to pay the amount under the relevant program guidelines.

Corporate and full fee private client rates 

You are a corporate client if your care is paid for by an organisation, such as an insurance company or government department.

Full fee paying clients are people that are not eligible for a subsidised service, but are willing to pay the unsubsidised rate to receive services through Home Care. 

Refer to Corporate and full fee private rates effective 1 July 2014 (PDF) for further information on fees.

Special circumstances

If you are experiencing hardship, you are able to request a review of your contribution amount. Your income and any exceptional expenses related to your disability or frailty will be taken into account.

A different contribution amount applies to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander clients.

No contribution is required from homeless persons, clients of licensed boarding houses and children under 16 years receiving personal care. 

Price increases

Client contribution amounts are increased each year at 1 July following changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the previous calendar year.

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