Ageing, Disability & Home Care

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For adults

We fund a number of non-government organisations to provide day programs for adults with a disability so that they can:

  • achieve their goals
  • take part in activities of their choice during the day and sometimes outside of working hours
  • learn new skills
  • be part of their community and chosen networks.

ADHC funding for day programs is based on its annual budget approved by the government. New day program places become available only when new funds are allocated. Many people apply for a day program each year but only some applications are successful.

All day program service providers are expected to respond to the needs of Aboriginal people and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

In some areas, there are services specifically for Aboriginal people and other services for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. 

Types of day programs

There are several types of day programs funded by ADHC. However, each has its own history and different guidelines and/or eligibility criteria. They include:

  • block funded – this means that ADHC funds non-government organisations to provide varying hours and days of services; at present adults with a disability can enter these programs either by contacting their local provider directly or by contacting ADHC regional staff who can then communicate with relevant organisations to find a place, if one is available
  • individually funded – this means that ADHC funds an individual client to receive services based on their support needs; the client then chooses their service provider once funding is approved.
Individually funded day programs for adults with a disability include Life Choices and Active Ageing. These programs offer age and life stage appropriate programs with greater flexibility and choice.

Life Choices and Active Ageing day programs

Life Choices is for adults aged 25 to 54 years and Active Ageing for adults aged 55 to 64 (and for people aged 45 years and over with early onset ageing). Through these programs you can:

  • participate in activities you enjoy
  • learn to do new things and develop your skills
  • increase your independence
  • make friends
  • enjoy an active and healthy older life

To be eligible for Life Choices or Active Ageing you need to:

  • be between 25 and 64 years old
  • live in NSW
  • have an intellectual, psychiatric, physical or sensory disability
  • have moderate to very high support needs
  • plan for a future life stage.

View thelist of organisations approved to provide Life Choices and Active Ageing day programs (PDF).

More information

Contact your local ADHC regional office for more details about day programs.For more information on Life Choices and Active Ageing you can also email your question

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