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Accommodation Support

Updated My Life and Somewhere to Live Booklet

This updated booklet is a simple guide for people with disability, their family and carers to get help with their life and a home that’s right for them.

The original “My Life and Somewhere to Live booklets” are included below as examples for organisations to adapt as required. While the information in the booklets is out-dated, the simple style and some content may be useful to include in materials about your services, and therefore save you time and money. If your organisation does use the ideas in these booklets in your own materials, acknowledge the source of information as Family and Community Services.

Accommodation Question Guides

The Accommodation Question Guides complement the suite of Accommodation Support resources and help individuals and their families to make informed choices about their future accommodation options.

Link to PDF My Place…My Space…My Home

My Place…My Space…My Home

Link to PDF My Place…My Future…My Journey

My Place…My Future…My Journey (Aboriginal version)

Link to PDF My Place…My Space…My Home

My Place…My Space…My Home (Accommodation Planning Inventory)

Link to Active Support page

Active Support

Active Support helps you be more involved in your own life.

It’s a way for you to be involved in everyday activities of your choice with just the amount of support needed.

Find your free resources to help you, your carers and your organisation to know more about active support.

Help when you are sick or in hospital

The “Admission2Discharge” website provides resources to help people with disability who are sick or in hospital. This includes user-friendly information for people with disability, their families, carers, health staff and disability staff to ensure better care and better health outcomes.

Oral Care Resources for people with disability

Oral Care Resources for people with disability

Supporting carers and disability support staff to deliver quality oral health care for people with disability.

How to make new arrangements for shared living or support

The Governance Resource Kit: a tool for individuals and families (the Kit) has been designed to help people with disability, their families and carers in making decisions about how to make new arrangements for shared living or support.

Guidelines for Providers

Link to PDF Accommodation Support Register Guidelines

Accommodation Support Register Guidelines

The ASR Guidelines outline accommodation options and
processes for prioritising and allocating requests for all accommodation support. The guidelines assist ADHC staff and providers with more flexible, efficient and effective vacancy management.

Link to PDF Accommodation Service Provider Guidelines

Accommodation Service Provider Guidelines

The Guidelines are an extension of the Policy as an operational handbook to assist providers in implementing person-centred services, including ADHC policies that are required to be applied as part of the Funding Agreement, and identify recommended operational processes.

Link to PDF  Accommodation Support Policy

Accommodation Support Policy

The Policy sets out the guiding principles for providing accommodation services, and refers to laws and principles for person-centred support for people with disability in NSW. The Policy supersedes the Allocation of Places in Supported Accommodation Policy and Procedures (2009).

Fact Sheet

Email us for further information on the Accommodation Support policy and resources.

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