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The Accommodation Support Policy (fact sheet)

The Accommodation Support Policy sets out the guiding principles for the provision of accommodation services and refers to legislation and principles for person-centred support for people with disability in NSW.

The Policy and its associated documents supersede the Allocation of Places in Supported Accommodation Policy and Procedures (2009) (the Allocations Policy).
The following guidelines and other documents are provided under the Policy.

1. Accommodation Support Register Guidelines (ASR Guidelines)

The ASR Guidelines replace the procedures section of the Allocations Policy, and outline accommodation options (group, drop-in and individualised) and processes for prioritising and allocating requests for all accommodation support to assist ADHC staff and providers with more flexible, efficient and effective vacancy management, with major changes including:
  • Tightening timeframes for filling vacancies to ensure both system capacity is fully utilised efficiently and placement considerations are better managed;
  • Clearer information on matching and managing refusal of offers including reconfigurations where profiles to fill a vacancy are consistently declined; and
  • An increase in flexibility of program boundaries to support districts in local decision making to best suit a vacancy profile.

2. Accommodation Service Provider Guidelines (Provider Guidelines)

The Provider Guidelines and Resource Kit provide assistance to providers in implementing person centred services. These list ADHC policies applied through the Funding Agreement and identify operational processes.

3. My Life and Somewhere to Live booklets (the booklets)

The booklets are three separate Easy English guides for people, their families and carers on how to access mainstream, community and specialist accommodation supports:
  • My Life – Things to think about.
  • Somewhere to live – What help can you get?
  • Somewhere to live – About the Accommodation Support Register

4. Active Support Videos

Three short Active Support video clips show how people with disability can be more involved in all areas of their lives.

For further information please e-mail the NGO Accommodation Support Services team at: or call 9377 6517.

This is the fact sheet of the Accommodation Support Policy redesign.

Visit Accommodation Support to access the Policy and all associated documents.
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