Ageing, Disability & Home Care

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Policies - Somewhere to live

Abuse and Neglect Policy

A policy guide for reporting and responding to the abuse and neglect of people with a disability.

Death Procedures

The Death Procedures provide instructions for support workers and managers to follow when a person dies, and are an extension of the Health and Wellbeing Policy.

Risk and Safety Policy

A policy guide for the identification and management of risk to people with a disability, staff and others.

Decision Making and Consent Policy 

A policy guide to inform service providers and staff who need to obtain consent from a person with a disability or a guardian.

Epilepsy Policy

A policy guide for the support of people with a disability and epilepsy.

Lifestyle Planning Policy

Lifestyle Planning tools

Nutrition and Swallowing Policy 

The ADHC Nutrition and Swallowing Procedures (the Procedures) is the overarching document for supported accommodation and centre based respite that supports people to record their preferences in relation to nutrition, capture risk related to nutrition and swallowing and contains information on how to follow a mealtime management plan. The Procedures contain alerts to risks associated with swallowing difficulties and how these are managed under the guidance of the person’s usual General Practitioner (GP) and other health specialist.

Further information on Nutrition and Swallowing can be found under the Publications tab, Policies A-Z page under "N".

Wills and Estates Policy 

A policy guide to support a person with a disability to participate in decisions about their finances and property, and the disbursement of these by means of a Will.

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