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Community Justice Program

The Community Justice Program (CJP) is the NSW Government's community forensic disability service.  The primary aims of the CJP are to minimise risk of reoffending and promote a pro-social and independent lifestyle using evidence based practice for people with an intellectual disability who have
exited a correctional facility.

Established in 2006, the CJP works with a range of non-government organisations to provide case management, behaviour intervention, psychological therapy, drop in support and accommodation services to clients.  CJP supports people with an intellectual disability across NSW who have a significant
ongoing risk of offending or who have committed serious offences and who are beyond the capacity of regular disability services.

The CJP consists of a number of teams.  There are five teams within the Clinical and Casework Team.

Intake Team

This team coordinates referrals to the CJP and conducts assessments of new clients, identifying appropriate models of service and necessary interventions.  This team also coordinates the CJP vacancy management process.

Referrals to the CJP

Referrals to the CJP are considered on a bi-monthly basis by the Referral and Assessment Panel who determine eligibility into the program.  This panel is made up of staff from CJP and key stakeholders (such as Corrective Services, Juvenile Justice and the Council for Intellectual Disability).

The following forms must be completed as per the instructions and sent to

CJP Intake Form – Part 1

CJP Intake Form – Part 2

Any enquiries regarding this process can be directed to the CJP Intake Officer via email by phone on 02 9407 1509

Vacancy Management

A change of service model for a CJP client can only occur when a CJP provider submits a proposal to the Vacancy Management team.  A Service
Change Request form
and supporting documentation must be submitted to for the consideration by the Vacancy Management team.

Service Liaison Team

This team is the primary contact for CJP service providers. They provide advice and support to service providers to ensure appropriate and high quality services are provided to our clients.

Each CJP service provider is allocated a key contact within this team to ensure effective communication.  Please contact the Team Leader, Service Liaison on 9407 1567 to confirm the details of the allocated Liaison Officer.

Assessment Team

This team conducts specialist disability and forensic related assessments to deliver effective services to CJP funded clients and external consultations.  Assessments include:

  • Neuropsychological.
  • forensic risk / manageability and criminogenic needs assessment.
  • adaptive functioning.
  • service modelling.

The Assessment Team is also the primary contact for any matters and clients under the supervision of the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

Forensic Consultancy Team

This team provides behaviour intervention services to CJP providers, both NGO and ADHC direct, and the broader sector through referral.  Referrals to the Forensic Consultancy Team can also be made for non CJP clients who require clinical forensic disability intervention and advice.

Intervention services include:

  • The development and implementation of behaviour intervention to clients on a short term basis.
  • Tertiary behaviour intervention support through training and mentoring.
  • Training in regards to forensic disability issues (such as how to manage risk of violent or sexual offending, drug and alcohol harm minimisation, mental health).

Referrals to Assessment and Forensic Consultancy Teams

must be completed and sent to for all referrals to either the Assessment or Forensic Consultancy teams.  A clinician will review the referral form and be in contact to discuss to request.  Consultancy
by CJP is a free service but relies on a service agreement being prepared between CJP and the provider.

NDIS & Clinical Practice Standards Team

This team monitors clinical practices within CJP and responds to strategic policy matters.  This includes the management and assessment of all critical incidents to ensure high risk issues are addressed.

They also provide leadership in the transition of CJP and its clients to the NDIS.  This includes providing advice on policy issues and supporting providers in being NDIS ready.

For any questions regarding CJP and the NDIS, please contact the Team Leader, NDIS and Clinical Practice Standards on 9407 1625.

Incident Reporting

CJP service providers, both NGO and ADHC direct, are required to submit incident reports regarding CJP clients to where they will be reviewed by the NDIS & Clinical Practice Standards Team. 

Purchasing and Planning

This team is responsible for the allocation and monitoring of funding to CJP services and the delivery and management of capital assets. They work closely with FACS districts, directorates and NGO services to coordinate these activities.

For Purchasing and Planning enquiries, please call 9407 1542.

Business Support

This team provides administrative and project support functions for the CJP.

Enquiries for this team can be sent to or 9407 1542.

General enquiries regarding the
Community Justice Program: 1800 772 467

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