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Community Support Program

Information for service providers

The Community Support Program (CSP) provides individual funding to enable people with high support needs due to physical and/or neurological disability to live as independently as possible. For more information about managing individual funding please refer to the Individual Funding Handbook and the  Individual Funding Packages: Guidance for Intermediaries.

CSP individual funding may be:

  • paid to a service provider on the person’s behalf (Intermediary funding or service provider arrangement) or
  • paid directly to the person (Direct Payment Agreement).

Under the intermediary option, the service provider may:

  • manage all or some of the supports on the person’s behalf; or
  • provide financial, reporting and administrative assistance only.

Where the person with disability wishes to manage aspects such as employment of support workers, the provider must complete a safeguard assessment.

In addition to the responsibilities listed in the Individual Funding Handbook and the the Individual Funding Packages: Guidance for Intermediaries, intermediaries delivering CSP funded supports need to:

  • have a process to respond to planned and unplanned staff absences to ensure continuity of support
  • implement a safeguarding plan and monitor service quality when the person takes responsibility for employing own workers and/or engaging providers directly.
  • notify FACS of dates and issues that will result in changes to funding including dates of exits and change of provider. A CSP Exit and Change of Provider and an Individual Funding Review Form (PDF) are available.
  • notify the person and FACS if intending to withdraw supports. Intermediaries are required to provide a minimum of eight weeks notice of their intentions and reason(s) for the decision. Assist the person to identify an alternative support arrangement and monitor the person’s safety until an alternative support arrangement is identified.
  • Due to commencement of the NDIS, the Community Support Program (CSP) will cease to accept new applications for assistance from 1 July 2017.

CSP Approved Providers

CSP approved providers are listed in the Ageing, Disability and Home Care Supplier Directory. Also refer to the List of Approved CSP Providers.

Individual Funding

To find out more visit the individual funding web page.

For more information

For more information, contact your local FACS District.

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