Ageing, Disability & Home Care

Core Standards Workshops

FREE workshops were held across NSW in the core standard program and clinical governance. These commenced in February 2016 and have now concluded. The attendees were mainly practitioners and managers from government and non government organisations, private practitioners and other organisations.

The following presentations from sessions are now available:

A core standard is the demonstration of the recommended knowledge practitioners, (including speech pathologists) need to support people with disability. The core standards have been designed by ADHC's Clinical Innovation and Governance Unit to help practitioners in their everyday person centred work with individuals with disability.

The core standards provide a summary of current evidence, relevant standards, legislation and current philosophies and a method for translating these into practice.

Materials and resources available through the core standards include:

  • Case studies and scenarios
  • Videos of people with disability, family members and various practitioners
  • Documents and forms for use in practice

The core standards materials and resources can be used in a variety of ways-for example:

  • Knowledge translation and appraisal of core standards in practice
  • Professional education and training
  • Induction of new staff or staff new to the area of disability
  • As a reference point in supervision or mentoring
  • Use with students on placement or within learning institutions

The core standards will benefit people with disability and their families and carers by guiding practitioners to maintain standards of good, evidence based and contemporary practice.

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