Ageing, Disability & Home Care


Violence risk assessment

This looks at best practice in violence risk assessment for people with intellectual disability. It covers one of the most valid assessment measures available- the HCR-20.

Mental Health & Well Being

This practice guide provides evidence based information regarding prevention and psychosocial treatment for mental health issues in people with intellectual disability.

Motivational interviewing

This looks at what motivational interviewing is, and how it can be applied best when working with those who have, or support a person with, an intellectual disability. Resources will be available by October 2014.

Positive Approaches to Behaviour Support

This supports the content of the Behaviour Support: Policy and Practice Manual (OSP, 2012) and provides practitioners not only with the knowledge they need to deliver behaviour support services in the disability context but also with a process for translating that knowledge into their work practice.

Standardised Assessment

This builds participants’ understanding of good practice in assessment selection, administration, and interpretation in intellectual disability.

Optional Additional Core Standards

Supporting Sexuality

This core standard supports occupational therapists and other interested practitioners to understand the importance of sexual expression for people with disability. It ensures that these practitioners are well placed to support individuals to engage in valued and meaningful roles and occupations related to sexuality. An optional appraisal is available for occupational therapists.

Supporting Sleep

This core standard provides a practice guide for practitioners so that they are equipped to identify sleep issues and support people with disability to experience adequate sleep. An optional appraisal is available.

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