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Individual Funding

NSW has been expanding individual funding arrangements for people with disability under the Supported Living Fund since 2012 and the Living Life My Way Framework from 2013.

Individual funding is allocated to a person rather than to a program, place, or funded provider. It gives the person choice and control over the management and purchase of their supports.

Individual Funding Handbook

The Department of Family and Community Services (FACS), has released an Individual Funding Handbook (the Handbook) which integrates and streamlines the various policies and guidelines governing individualised funding under or aligned to the Living Life My Way Framework. The Handbook applies to people with existing funding, or a combination of funding amalgamated into a single package.

Intermediary Guide

The Individual Funding Packages – Guidance for Intermediaries (the Guide) is a companion to the Handbook and should be read in conjunction with it. To complement the Handbook, the Guide contains advice and practical materials to help organisations better understand and implement the intermediary role and its requirements under their Funding Agreement.

The term Intermediary in this context refers to an entity which acts as an Intermediary for a person receiving individual funding. In the intermediary model, the person with disability or their nominee directs their own services and the Intermediary has responsibility for the funds and all administrative and reporting activities. The Intermediary may also provide direct supports.

Intermediary Booklet

A directory of organisations which have approval to provide intermediary services for individual funding, Choosing an intermediary for individual funding, has been developed to include all the program areas listed in this web page.

This booklet replaces earlier publications for Choosing an Intermediary/Service Provider for Supported Living Fund and Individual Accommodation Support Packages.

Individualised Programs

The following program areas include individualised funding options which are subject to the Handbook and Guide:

Tools and Resources for Intermediaries

Information, tools and resources have been developed to better equip Intermediaries in their role. In addition to the Handbook and Guide these include fact sheets, templates and reporting samples. Please refer to ADHC publications and resources on this page, or to the web pages for programs listed above.

An information sheet on Frequently Asked Questions and a decision making tool are available to help determine supports that are within guidelines.

The Governance Resource Kit: a tool for individuals and families is now available for people with disability who currently receive individual funding and who are interested in sharing some resources and self manage or direct their own funding. Organisations supporting these individuals are encouraged to direct their attention to the kit.   

For more information

Contact your ADHC Regional Office.

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