Ageing, Disability & Home Care

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Funding and grants

ADHC is a provider of services to people with disability and their families and carers, and is also a major funder of the NGO sector.

The NGOs funded by ADHC are independent, legally constituted organisations (such as companies limited by guarantee, Associations Incorporated, co-operatives). They have value and strength in their diversity. They vary considerably in the scale of their operations, specialisation and the places that they deliver services. Many have a range of funding relationships, undertake other activities, and have different ways of engaging with the local communities. 

Our services are delivered under three programs:

ADHC also manages grants to organisations to deliver activities as part of NSW Seniors Week.

Funding reform

The Position Statement: The Future of Sourcing Disability Funded Services in NSW 2011 – 2016 (PDF) sets out ADHC's position on longer term funding reform.

It is based on key directions for an investment strategy that will set the right conditions for the services sector to accommodate the diverse needs and choices of people with disability, their families and carers. The Position Statement describes how ADHC will reform how it engages with the non-government service sector, through moving away from a purchasing approach to long-term investment.

A discussion paper prepared by PwC, Potential contribution of the NGO sector to deliver more and better services to people with a disability (PDF), explores avenues for attracting additional revenue into the disability NGO sector and building its asset base. The paper investigates potential arrangements for enabling NGOs to optimise their resources and access other sources of funding and finance in order to increase their capacity to grow, be sustainable, and deliver appropriate services and supports to the community. The ADHC Supplier Directory supports this move to investment.

Funding peak activities

ADHC funds a small group of NGOs whose primarily role is to promote the rights, inclusion and empowerment of older people, people with disability, their families and carers, as well as industry representatives whose role is to provide advice and support to NGOs. Peaks funding is designed to facilitate:

  • planning for services to meet the needs of people with disability, their families and carers
  • advocating for and representing the interests of people with disability
  • giving people with disability, their families and carers a voice into the development of services and policies that effect them
  • supporting NGOs to deliver quality services and support.

Funded peak bodies complete Triennial Service Plans in line with the guidelines. Templates for these returns can be found in theTriennial Service Peak Guidelines (PDF)


NSW Seniors Week grants

Applications are invited each year from community organisations for grants to hold local events during NSW Seniors Week.

Read more about NSW Seniors Week grants.

Ageing Grants Program

The Ageing Grants Program supports a range of services and projects to meet the needs of older people in NSW. These include peak bodies in the ageing, early intervention, dementia advisory services and referral services.

The Ageing Grants Program aligns with the NSW Ageing Strategy.

Application to deliver the Self Managed Model in Day and Post School Programs

This form is for organisations that wish to apply to deliver the Self Managed Model in Day and Post School Programs. Applications will be accepted from organisations that are already approved to provide the Community Participation, Life Choices and Active Ageing programs, and have attended the information sessions conducted by ADHC and National Disability Services in November 2011.

If you currently offer the Post School Options program and not Community Participation, Life Choices and Active Ageing, please contact ADHC on 1800 761 030 to discuss.

Application to deliver the Self Managed Model in Day and Post School Programs (DOC)

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