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ADHC Supplier Directory

The ADHC Supplier Directory lists all of the specialist disability service providers in NSW that are have applied and been found eligible to enter into a Funding Agreement with ADHC to deliver services to funded disability service users.

Questions about the Supplier Directory can be submitted to

Services receiving funding from the Australian Government under the NDIS will be managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency. Providers that are interested in participating in the NDIS should contact the NDIA directly.

Why is ADHC no longer taking Supplier Directory applications?

The ADHC Supplier Directory Stage One assessment process has been running for two years. Over 100 organisations have successfully completed it, with many having subsequently been chosen by service users to deliver their funded services.

As NSW moves towards the full scheme implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), our efforts need to refocus on supporting our existing service providers to move into the new system.

How does my organisation get listed on the Supplier Directory in the future?

NSW has a thriving disability service system with a healthy mix of providers available for people with disability to select to deliver their services. In the lead up to full scheme implementation of NDIS we will only be engaging new service providers in cases where a client has chosen them to deliver their specialist funded disability services and the service provider has been assessed as eligible to do so. This will no longer be via a formal tender process.

What if I have a client who really wants my organisation to deliver their services?

If your organisation has been approached by an ADHC-funded service user to deliver their services, we recommend in the first instance that you consider entering into a brokerage arrangement with an existing ADHC funded organisation so that the client can receive services from your organisation.

Where this is not possible or practical, the service user may approach their local FACS District to seek to have your organisation assessed on its ability to enter into a Funding Agreement with ADHC. Further information on this will be available in early 2016.

The ADHC Supplier Directory database is now on HSNet

What is the ADHC Supplier Directory database?

The ADHC Supplier Directory database lists providers that have been assessed by ADHC as eligible to deliver specialist funded disability services in NSW.

What is HSNet?

Human Services Network (HSNet) is a free, secure and searchable website run by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services. Its database contains information about human services providers across NSW, including disability, aged care, health, and homelessness services.

HSNet does not require users to sign up or become a member to search the database.

You can find HSNet at:

Why is the Supplier Directory database now on HSNet?

HSNet makes the information from the Supplier Directory database available for the general public to search in a more intuitive and user-friendly way than the existing database.

The Supplier Directory data will join a database of over 65,000 support services across NSW covering health, disability, aged care, welfare, community, education, legal and housing. Each service has been validated as an authentic provider and is updated regularly by HSNet. Each record displays detailed information on the provider including opening hours, fees, requirements for eligibility, where the service is delivered and whether it’s registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

How can I find service providers from the Supplier Directory database on HSNet?

All provider records from the ADHC Supplier Directory database are flagged as an ADHC Eligible Provider. This means that these organisations have been assessed as eligible to enter into a Funding Agreement with ADHC. You can search “ADHC Eligible Provider” along with your location to find organisations that can meet your needs.

Further information on searching HSNet is available on the reference sheet.

For ADHC service users

HSNet allows ADHC service users, their families and carers to search for local providers that are available to meet their needs. Because HSNet contains detailed information about services provided, including contact details for listed organisations, service users are able to select which organisations they want to engage with and directly contact the organisations to seek further clarification on the providers’ ability to meet their needs.

For ADHC Eligible Providers

All organisations that are listed on the ADHC Supplier Directory, including those that have successfully completed Stage One of the Supplier Directory assessment process[1], are listed on HSNet.

Service providers are able to register on HSNet and submit updates, such as changes of address or contact details, to their organisation’s entries. These updates are verified by HSNet before being made publicly available.

It is important to note that any changes to provider circumstances relating to contract and service delivery data must also be reported directly to ADHC via your Service Portal account at

For human services professionals

For human services professionals HSNet improves the flow of information about service users by:

  • facilitating electronic referrals between service providers that can be made and monitored outside of business hours.
  • enhancing client privacy by using a secure, encrypted form for all communications.
  • enabling the exchange of ideas between human services professionals by providing a behind-the-scenes discussion forum for human service professionals who sign up for free membership.

Further information

HSNet is maintained by a specialised team within the NSW Department of Family and Community Services.

Telephone: 02 9765 5260


Hours of operation: 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday

If you would like further information about the ADHC Supplier Directory please contact the Supplier Directory on 02 9377 6295 or email

[1] Stage One assesses applicants on their ability to enter into an ADHC Funding Agreement, not their ability to deliver services. Information about these organisations on HSNet will include contact details for their head office only, not outlets or services provided.

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