Ageing, Disability & Home Care

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Minimum Data Set

The Minimum Data Set (MDS) is a set of nationally agreed data items that are collected in relation to clients, the services they receive, and the outlets that provide these services.

The MDS is a valuable source of information that is used for:

  • Planning and supporting the transition to the NDIS
  • Performance monitoring and contract management
  • Internal management of services.

The MDS data collection processes for 2017/18 will continue through until the end of the 2017/4 quarter (October 2017 – December 2017) with submissions for the 2017/4 expected by 25 January 2018. MDS data submissions will no longer be required after your January submission.

Please note that this information will no longer be updated after 31 March 2018.

Critical dates

HACC and disability reports are submitted electronically four times a year according to the schedule below.

Reporting period

Last date for submission

Reference week

1 July – 30 September

Quarter 2017/3

25 October

24 - 30 September

1 October – 31 December

Quarter 2017/4

25 January

25 - 31 December

1 January – 31 March

Quarter 2018/1

Data Collection and Reporting no longer required for this period


1 April – 30 June

Quarter 2018/2

Data Collection and Reporting no longer required for this period


How to collect and submit your report

To collect client data and submit your MDS report, Service Providers are able to use their own software. However, if you don’t have your own, ADHC provides and supports users of HADS (HACC and Disability Services) software.

Help with data definitions

For accurate MDS reporting please read the relevant section for your service in the appropriate data guide.

Training is available

MDS training is available for ADHC funded service providers. MDS training can be provided one on one or in a group setting for members of your organisation. The training content can be tailored to cover topics including;

  • What the MDS is, why it is collected and its relationship to the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS),
  • Maintaining data quality from data entry to submission,
  • Interpretation of your submission results,
  • How to capture service provision ‘outputs’ accurately, and
  • Where you can access additional supporting information.

If you use the HADS MDS reporting software, we also offer customised HADS software training.

If you would like more information on available training or would like to schedule training for your organisation, please contact the MDS Helpdesk.


Find out the latest news and information about submitting MDS reports. You will also find answers to questions asked during training sessions.

Client information and privacy

Clients are not identified in MDS reports. To inform clients about what information is collected and why and how their privacy is protected, we have produced MDS privacy information in English and other languages:


HACC MDS Helpdesk
Phone: 1 800 804 135

Disability Services MDS Helpdesk
Phone: 1 800 643 925

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