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ADHC's quality requirements

The disability services sector in NSW has been moving towards developing a consistent approach to quality assurance to ensure that supports and services are delivered to a standard of quality that meets clients' and community expectations.

ADHC's quality reform is built on the National Quality Framework and is based on the NSW Disability Service Standards (NSW DSS), which align with the endorsed National Standards for Disability Services.

The quality requirements for funded service providers are set out in the Funding Agreement for Disability Service Providers (Terms and Conditions of Agreement). The quality requirements are also outlined in the ADHC's quality policy. The agreement gives clarity on how we will manage performance with you and clearly sets out our mutual obligations. It also reflects quality reform requirements in place for NSW which are important in moving to person centred approaches, in line with "Living Life My Way" consultations. It is also important to note that quality is one of the key criteria in the design of ADHC's new procurement processes.

As set out in the Funding Agreement and outlined in the ADHC quality policy, all funded service providers will be required to:

  1. Implement a quality management system (if you do not already have one); and
  2. Provide evidence to an independent third party to confirm organisational performance against the NSW Disability Services Standards during the term of each agreement.

Service providers who receive disability funding are required to report on their progress in achieving the milestones which are fundamental to the implementation of ADHC’s quality reform requirements. Quality Framework Reporting (QFR) has been developed to assist organisations in reviewing service performance and progress against implementing the quality requirements and meeting the NSW DSS. The requirement to complete and submit a QFR is part of your Funding Agreement with ADHC. The QFR forms part of the reporting requirements outlined in the Funding Agreement for Disability Service Providers (Terms and Conditions of Agreement) at Clause 5.1.

Information provided by an organisation in the QFR is a statement of an organisation’s ongoing commitment to quality. It is designed to encourage service providers to engage in a process of continuous quality improvement as the sector transitions to a person centred disability service system.

All ADHC funded service providers will be required to report compliance against meeting ADHC’s quality requirements under the Funding Agreement for Disability Service Providers (Terms and Conditions of Agreement). The reporting schedule under the Funding Agreement for Disability Service Providers (Terms and Conditions of Agreement). Providers will be advised via email when each quality framework reporting period is due.

Additional resources on ADHC’s quality requirements are available on the National Disability Services (NDS) website and can be found here.

Community Care Support Program (CCSP) providers

For service providers receiving only Community Care Support Program (CCSP) funding, ADHC’s quality framework requirements apply from 1 July 2015. CCSP providers will be required to undertake TPV once during the term of the Funding Agreement for Disability Service Providers (Terms and Conditions of Agreement). Providers will be notified via email when updates of their TPV status in the QFR are required.

CCSP providers include those providers funded for younger people (people under the age of 65 and under the age of 50 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) under the CCSP. This includes transport services when operated by a non-government organisation.

Please refer to Supports and resources for more information about the supports that are available to service providers to implement the quality requirements.

Ability Links providers

ADHC recognises that flexibility and additional support may be required for some Ability Links funded providers to meet the quality requirements. Different arrangements and timeframes for compliance apply to Ability Links providers working in partnership or Joint Working Arrangements, and to Ability Links providers new to ADHC funding.

If your organisation is working in a partnership (including a time-limited partnership) or a Joint Working Arrangement and is in receipt of other ADHC funding for disability supports and services, you will need to include the Ability Links NSW program within the scope of your organisation’s third party verification.

If your organisation is not working in a partnership or a Joint Working Arrangement, is new to ADHC funding and is an Aboriginal organisation, you are required to comply with the quality requirements by 30 June 2016.

For additional resources for ADHC’s quality requirements, please refer to the Industry Development Fund website:

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