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Supports and resources

Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) is continuing to work closely with National Disability Services (NDS) to implement a range of supports to the sector for quality reform and improving outcomes for people with disability, their families and carers.

To progress quality reform, the Minister announced in May 2012 that $6.75 million of the Industry Development Fund (IDF) would be used to provide a range of supports to organisations.

Supports have been designed to help service providers through the range of activities they are required to undertake as part of quality reform, including learning about ADHC's quality requirements; preparing for any changes they might need to make; implementing quality management activities; demonstrating performance against the NSW DSS; and continuous improvement activities. It is recognised that many service providers may already have quality systems in place and may not require the provided supports.

The National Disability Services (NDS) has developed supports and resources on ADHC’s quality requirements that can be found here.

Supporting service providers to demonstrate performance against the NSW Disability Service Standards

During the term of the 2015-18 funding agreement (1 July 2015 – 30 June 2018), all ADHC funded service providers, including ongoing disability service providers, new disability providers, and Community Care Support Program (CCSP) service providers are required to achieve third party verification.

Supporting service providers to learn about the Framework

The first step for providers to undertake quality reform will be to learn about how to review, refine and continuously improve service delivery in order to achieve the best outcomes for people with disability, their families and carers.

ADHC will support service providers with quality tools and resources to build their understanding of quality improvement and demonstrate their application of and performance against the NSW DSS.

A key resource is Standards in Action which has been updated to reflect the priorities and policy directions for person centred approaches to service delivery and align with the National Standards.

The chapter of It's Your Business on Quality Management has been developed to support boards and directors to effectively govern their organisations.

Supporting service providers to prepare for any changes under the quality reform

In recognition of the diversity of the sector, service providers will be able to access tailored support to understand exactly what they will need. Service providers may wish to access staff at NDS who will guide them in how to access the most appropriate supports.

E-learning module – NSW Disability Services Standards

The NSW Quality Framework e-learning module assists ADHC staff and funded service providers in understanding ADHC’s quality requirements including application of the NSW Disability Service Standards (NSW DSS).

The module takes users progressively through the NSW DSS and each of the related training components. They can also navigate freely around the module and access specific topics of interest. The module follows the approach of the ADHC ‘Learning Link’, Information Security eLearning Course and ‘Striving for Excellence’ modules.

The module has been updated and reconstructed as a result of user testing by district staff and funded service providers.

Feedback and Complaints Management Log (FCML)

Video not playing? Click here to view on the FACS Youtube page.

ADHC has created a short video for service providers on the benefits of complaints and having a good complaints handling system. This video shares the views of service users, the NSW Ombudsman and testimonials from current FCML users.

The Feedback and Complaints Management Log (FCML) is an online tool which has been developed to support ADHC funded service providers to meet their Funding Agreement for Disability Service Providers (Terms and Conditions of Agreement) requirements under Clause 6.6 (Complaints) which stipulates service providers must:

  1. establish and publicise the existence of a documented complaints management system which you must use to deal with any complaints in relation to the Services;
  2. on ADHC’s request, immediately give ADHC access to or copies of your complaints register and provide copies of any complaints in a form requested by ADHC;
  3. ensure that copies of all correspondence and other materials received or created by you in connection with any complaints must be kept for at least 7 years (or as otherwise required by Law); and
  4. comply with the requirements of all applicable Laws and Policies in respect of complaints, including section 4(10) of the DIA, Schedule 1 of the Disability Inclusion Regulation 2014 (NSW), the Community Services (Complaints, Reviews and Monitoring) Act 1993 (NSW) and the Standards in Action Manual.

ADHC is providing the FCML to the sector because we understand it is important to build the capacity of the disability sector to handle and manage complaints and to record and analyse trends from complaints to drive organisational policy development and continuous improvement. The FCML is not a reporting requirement and its use is not mandatory. However, service providers are encouraged to use the FCML as it has been developed to assist organisations to meet their Funding Agreement requirements and to implement the updated NSW DSS Standard 4: Feedback and Complaints (PDF).

Read more about the FCML (PDF)

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