Ageing, Disability & Home Care

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Third party verification

All ADHC funded service providers are required to undertake third party verification of their performance against the NSW Disability Service Standards (NSW DSS) once during the term of the  2015-18 funding agreement (1 July 2015 – 30 June 2018). The verification process includes recognition of other quality standards and systems a service provider may have in place.

National Disability Services (NDS) has established a list of approved verifiers who can conduct a third party verification. Other tools and supports can be found here

Service providers of direct client supports

Self assessment is the starting point for an organisation wanting to identify the systems and processes that are currently working well and meeting the NSW DSS, and those that may need further development or improvement.

Measuring performance using the KPIs can be used as part of a self assessment. You can also use your existing KPIs, a quality resource, the results of existing accreditation, or a combination of these, to conduct a self assessment.

Service providers of non-direct client supports

Service providers delivering non-direct client supports only, will be required to undertake a modified process of third party verification where organisational performance is assessed against the NSW DSS that most relate to the services they deliver.  Not all elements of the Standards will be relevant for providers delivering non-direct client supports, as the Standards have been developed to cover the full range of supports that ADHC funds.Therefore it is possible that some elements of the Standards may not apply to a particular service provider depending on the types of supports being delivered.

Community Care Support Program (CCSP) providers

For CCSP service providers, the ADHC quality requirements (such as developing a quality management system, preparing for and meeting third party verification) apply for the term of the 2015-18 funding agreement, from 1 July 2015.

Mutual recognition

Pending transition to a nationally consistent risk based quality assurance framework, ADHC will adopt the principle of mutual recognition of other jurisdictional quality assurance systems and service standards for disability services where these align to the National Standards for Disability Services. In such cases, ADHC may accept the organisation's independent verification statement from other jurisdictions as meeting the requirement of third party verification against the NSW DSS.

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