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Accessing investment and finance

The NDIS represents a significant change to the way disability services will be delivered and funded, as your revenue will be primarily generated through individual consumers.

This change may mean that in order for your business to grow and expand you may need to explore new options for development and investment.

ADHC recently commissioned a project that examined the potential role of loans for service providers. The NGO Loans Financing Project was delivered in consultation with a variety of disability service providers, financial lenders and experts.

The project developed two main resources designed to assist service providers to understand and explore possible loan financing options.

  • A video introduction to loan financing that provides high level information about loan products, financial providers and examples of how loans are currently being used by service providers to support their financing needs (3 mins).
  • A toolkit (PDF) that builds on the information discussed in the video, which provides additional information, resources and a checklist for your organisation to self-assess your readiness to use loan finance.

The project also developed a series of reports which provide an overview of the common barriers the NGO sector faces when considering loan finance and some potential solutions.

Toolkit: Loan financing for service providers

Summary Report

Project Evaluation Report

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