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Costing your services

Under the NDIS, your revenue will be primarily earned through providing quality support services at competitive prices.

Knowing how to accurately calculate the cost of your services, and pricing them accordingly, will be a critical step to ensuring that your budgeted costs are recovered and your business is sustainable.

ADHC worked collaboratively with NGOs to deliver the Unit Costing Tool project, which has explored and addressed common issues reported by the NGO sector when considering the unit cost of their services.

There is no one size fits all approach to unit costing. These resources will help you to understand how best to apply unit costing to your business.

Unit Costing Toolkit

  • Start here for an introductory guide (PDF) to unit costing.
  • Watch the webcast to find out about unit costing and why it’s important for your business (11 mins).
  • Explore an example (Excel) for step by step instructions to use a unit costing tool.
  • Read through the considerations (PDF) involved in developing unit costs and moving towards a fully integrated costing solution.
  • Explore the case studies (PDF) which provide real examples of a range of organisations piloting unit costing solutions.
  • Consider top tips (PDF) and enabling factors for the best practice in unit costing.

Unit Costing Tool: Worked example

  • Once you have watched the webcast and read through the introductory information you can explore this worked example.
  • This Excel-based tool offers step by step instructions to creating and using a basic unit costing model.
  • This tool is fully customisable and can be used to input your own organisation’s costing data.

Unit Costing Software Case Studies

  • These case studies (PDF) form the third component of the unit costing toolkit and provide an overview of the experience of seven non-government organisations piloting unit costing software.
  • These case studies are especially helpful for organisations that are working towards an integrated unit costing solution that works across financial systems.

Unit Costing Software – Vendors Solution Overviews

  • These vendor overviews (PDF) are helpful for organisations that already have unit costing processes in place and would like to have an integrated software solution.
  • This document explores seven unit costing software options available and offers advice on how to integrate this software with existing systems.
  • These vendor overviews are best read in conjunction with module 5 of the unit costing toolkit moving towards an integrated costing solution' (PDF).

Factsheet: Unit costing- Board Introduction

  • A factsheet (PDF) designed to provide your Board members with a concise introduction to unit costing.
  • The ‘key considerations’ can be used to promote directed discussion during your board meetings.

Factsheet: Unit costing – Operation Managers Introduction

  • A factsheet (PDF) designed to provide your operation managers with a concise introduction to unit costing.
  • The ‘key considerations’ will encourage your management teams to start thinking about the changes that may be needed to implement an effective unit costing process in your organisation.
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