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Service Portal

What is the Service Portal? 

The Service Portal was launched in June 2012 and has been designed to improve the way in which information is provided to funded service providers.

The Service Portal is a web based application which makes it easier by providing:

  • Improved communication: Electronic messaging that can be sent directly to email inboxes rather than requiring a user to log in.
  • Improved contract and funding information: Contract and funding information imported directly from the Funding Management System (FMS) into the Service Portal providing service providers with accurate and up to date information.
  • Improved data quality and reporting: Data integration with ADHC systems and better validation in the new system will improve data quality for your MDS reporting and enable service providers to run a report on the outlets for which they have to report.

The web interface for the Service Portal is easier to navigate and also provides a reliable and effective communications channel to providers.

Data Security

The Service Portal provides service providers with the capability to limit the type of access different staff in the organisation have to the system.

There are nine Security Roles which determine the level of access a user has in the Service Portal. More information about the different Roles is available in the Security Matrix.

Service Portal Support

If you need any help using the Service Portal you can contact the NGO Support Desk on:

Phone: 1300 136 067

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