Ageing, Disability & Home Care

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Industry development

The NSW Disability Industry Development Strategy aims to support funded NGOs to work in partnership to achieve an integrated, efficient innovative and responsive disability service system in NSW. The shared vision and the scope of activities detailed in the sector-led Directions for Industry Development report (June 2010), inform the allocation of and Industry Development Fund and is unique to NSW. 

The Industry Development Strategy is supported by the Industry Development Fund (IDF), and a number of other sector capacity building initiatives including the Workforce Recruitment Strategy and Good Governance Program

The Community Care Supports Program (CCSP) - formerly known as the Home and Community Care (HACC) program - also includes specific industry development components to assist CCSP providers in complying with report and quality requirements. Mechanisms include:

  • CCSP development officers;
  • local government co-ordinators;
  • population group specific co-ordinators;
  • direct funding to CCSP providers to invest in organisational development activities.

Funding of peaks to support the industry

ADHC funds National Disability Services, the NSW Council of Social Services, NSW Meals on Wheels Association and others to deliver a range of activities that support the NGO sector.

National Disability Services is the industry peak for the disability services sector. It provides specialist support and industry assistance to NGOs in the key areas of quality, governance and management, workforce development, risk management. Support is provided through major projects funded by the NSW Government, through networking assistance, and corporate support opportunities.

The NSW Council of Social Services and other industry specific peaks such as the Brain Injury Association of NSW and the NSW Meals on Wheels Association provide industry assistance to NGO providers delivering disability and community care services across NSW.

Funded peak bodies complete Triennial Service Plans in line with the guidelines. Templates for these returns can be found in the Triennial Service Peak Guidelines (PDF)

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