Ageing, Disability & Home Care

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Financial support & concessions

There are a number of concessions and rebates available for older people and people with disability who live in NSW.

Some of the concessions are limited to people receiving support from the Australian Government – including disability support pension and age pension.

If you want to find out if you are eligible for an Australian Government pension, allowance or health care card, visit the Australian Government Department of Human Services website.

Travel concessions

A range of travel concessions are available on transport in NSW for different types of concession card holders on rail, bus and ferry services.

Read more about concession entitlements at the Transport for NSW website.

Taxi subsidies

The Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme (TTSS) subsidises the taxi travel costs of people with a qualifying severe and permanent disability, who are unable to use public transport.

Read more about eligibility for the Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme.

Local council rates

Concessions are available for eligible pensioners for ordinary rates and domestic waste management service charges, water rates or charges, and sewerage rates or charges.

Contact your local council for details.


The NSW Government funds rebate programs for eligible pensioners on electricity and gas. Detailed information about these programs is available from Department of Industry and your local supplier.

Rebates you may be eligible for include the:

  • Pensioner Energy Rebate - this covers both electricity and gas bills, with the rebate being taken off your electricity bill.
  • Life Support Rebate - if you require medical equipment in your home to sustain your life, such as a kidney dialysis machine or respirator/ventilator, you may be entitled to a rebate on your electricity bill.


  • Pensioner Water Rebate – All eligible pensioners living in NSW receive rebates on their water bills. Contact Sydney Water or Hunter Water for details, or your local supplier if you are outside their areas. Sydney Water and Hunter Water also provide rebates to customers who use water in life sustaining equipment such as kidney dialysis machines. Conditions vary.
Contact your water supplier to find out more and receive these rebates.

Motor vehicles and licences

The Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) offers concessions for eligible pensioners on a range of products including vehicle registration and driver’s licence fees.

Read more about pensioner concessions at the RTA website.

Parking concessions

The Mobility Parking Scheme provides parking concessions to people with mobility disabilities.

Apply for a Mobility Parking Scheme card.

Health concessions

There is a wide variety of health-related help available to pension card holders. The following is a list of some of them. For more information talk to your GP or contact the organisations listed.

Recreational concessions

There are many recreational activities that you can participate in, often at a discounted price, if you hold a Pensioner Concession Card, a NSW Seniors Card (for people over 60 years) or Companion Card (for people with disability).

Changes to concessions

Concessions and rebates, and eligibility criteria, are reviewed from time to time. It is worthwhile checking with the organisation that is administering the concessions for the most up-to-date information.

Smoke Alarm Subsidy Scheme

The NSW Government is providing $2 million over three years to subsidise the purchase of specialised smoke alarms for people who are deaf, deaf blind or hard of hearing.

For further information, or to apply for the Smoke Alarm Subsidy Scheme, please contact the Deaf Society of NSW:

Phone:  8833 3600
TTY: 8833 3691
Fax: 8833 3699
Deaf Society of NSW website - Smoke alarms

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