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Tools and resources

Support for Decision Making Practice Framework

The framework aims to lay foundations to guide practice for decision making supporters of people with cognitive disability. The framework will also be a useful resource for families, carers, support workers and guardians on how to optimise opportunities for people with cognitive disability to make decisions and have greater control over their lives. Enabling people with cognitive disability to direct their own decisions will only happen if supporters have high expectations that people can participate in decision making and have strong commitments to make this happen.


ADHC has developed these resources for people interested in SDM practices.

My life, my decision- a handbook for decision makersIn keeping with a person-centred and rights-based philosophy, people with disability needing assistance to make decisions are referred to as ‘decision makers’. This handbook for decision makers outlines their rights and responsibilities and prompts them to consider their goals, and who might be best to support them.

Supported Decision Making- A handbook for supportersSupporters are chosen by decision makers because they want their support to make a decision. Supporters are people who the decision maker trusts and they are usually someone the decision maker already knows. This person provides direct support to the decision maker. It is critical that there is a positive relationship between the supporter and decision maker in order for SDM to develop fully.
This handbook for supporters provides clear guidance regarding the role of supporter and practical examples for people undertaking this role.

Supported Decision Making- A handbook for facilitatorsThe role of a supported decision making facilitator is new and evolving. Facilitators may be involved because they have an existing relationship with the decision maker as a service provider, support worker or carer. It is likely that facilitating supported decision making will be one aspect of a broad range of support or service provided to the decision maker. This handbook assists facilitators to work with the supporter and decision maker to build their decision making skills.


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