Ageing, Disability & Home Care

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Directing my own life

People with disability are entitled to the same citizenship rights and life opportunities as other members of society. There are a range of services available to help your entitlements and exercise your rights.

Getting information

In order to exercise choice and maximise independence, people require access to accurate information that will help them manage their own lives, understand their options and engage with and actively participate in their community.

An inclusive community also requires that family, friends, colleagues and other community members have access to information so they can better support and interact with a person with disability. The ability to access 'knowledge' is critical to social inclusion.

Information services provide accessible information to people with disability and their families and carers as well as to the broader community. 

Advocacy services

Advocacy services support people to actively participate in decision making processes and conversations that impact on their lives. 

Advocates will listen and act in the best interests of the individual and support people with the aim to increase independence and confidence to represent their own interests, and help them to be aware of the different ways they can have a say.

Getting a service

We fund a number of organisations to provide free advocacy and/or information services to people with disability.

The Information, Referral and Intake offices in Ageing, Disability and Home Care can also provide information on disability supports available to you.

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