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Community Support Teams

What are Community Support Teams?

ADHC provides funding to a range of agencies to deliver specialist supports such as therapy, community nursing, case management, behaviour support and dietetics. ADHC also provides a range of these services directly through Community Support Teams. Community Support Teams are located throughout rural and metropolitan New South Wales. Each team has knowledge of the local community and local services.

Community Support Teams work with the person with disability and their support networks to identify individual priorities, develop a plan to promote their independence, and support the person with disability to be part of their community.

The staff in Community Support Teams come from a range of professional backgrounds and may include Case Managers, Community Nurses, Dietitians, Behaviour Support Specialists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Physiotherapists and Therapy Assistants.

How can a Community Support Team help me?

People with disability may access a range of supports through their community, mainstream services, informal networks and ADHC. Community Support Team services are only one component of support that a person may access. One of the key roles of Community Support Teams is to maximise the capacity of existing services.

Community Support Teams may provide a range of supports and services including:

  • information
  • service coordination
  • links to community services and opportunities
  • person and family centred planning
  • support for the person with disability and their family/carer
  • skills development, including communication, social skills, self care and independent living skills
  • specialist services and advice, including seating and positioning, eating and drinking, health and managing behaviour
  • support to move through significant life stages and transitions such as starting school or moving out of home and
  • consultation, training and support to mainstream services. 

Community Support Team brochure

The Community Support Team (CST) brochure (PDF) provides information about the services provided by Community Support Teams.

The brochure is also available for download in these community languages:

For more information, please contact your local Information, Referral and Intake (IRI) service.
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