Ageing, Disability & Home Care

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Getting a service

Supports and services are available from many community organisations, government agencies and non-government organisations to assist people with disability and their families. At present, the NSW Government is continuing to provide some services to people with disability while the National Disability Insurance Scheme rolls out.

If you (or your family member) have a permanent disability and need support with communicating, learning, moving around, making decisions or daily care, then you may be eligible for a service.

How can you access a service if the NDIS has not commenced in your local area?

The service that you contact will determine your eligibility and discuss with you if their service is right for you.

Your local ADHC  Information and Pathways team can give you advice about eligibility and the services that are available in your area. They will also support you to decide what services best meet your needs. This will depend very much on what you would like to do and your plans for the future.

What support is available for young children?

If you are worried about your child’s development, contact your local General Practitioner, child health centre, or paediatrician.

If your baby or young child has recently received a diagnosis of disability there are services available to support you.

What support is available for children, young people and adults with a disability?

A range of supports and planning services are available for people with disability over six years of age:

How can you access a service if the NDIS is in your area?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australia-wide scheme to support people with permanent and significant disability which will replace the current disability support system.

The NDIS will give people with disability real choice and control over your life by allowing you to decide what supports you receive, when and how often.

The focus over this period will be upon transitioning existing ADHC clients to the NDIS. However, if you do not currently receive specialist disability supports from ADHC and you are in immediate need of assistance, there will be some capacity during the rollout to access the Scheme when it starts in your local area.

From 1 July 2018, all eligible people living in NSW will be able to access the NDIS.For more information about the NDIS rollout in NSW, visit the NDIS NSW website. The website contains a range of useful tools, links and information for clients and service providers.

To find out about NDIS eligibility and the participant planning process, visit the national NDIS website or phone 1800 800 110

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