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Aboriginal flexible respite

The Aboriginal flexible respite program provides support to Aboriginal people and their families who are caring for a family member with  disability in our Western Region.

Respite means that you can have a break while the person you care for is being looked after by experienced support workers.  Respite gives you and the person you are caring for some time out doing something you both enjoy.  It can be together as a family or individually.

How respite works

Each person with disability and their family have different needs.  Aboriginal flexible respite tries to respond to these different needs, so respite will be different for everyone.

A case worker will have a yarn with you to identify the services that will best meet your respite needs and suit your family. You can get help for things like:

  • a support worker coming to your home to look after the person you care for while you take time out
  • helping the person you care for try new things, such as swimming or art classes, while you take a break
  • a support worker looking after the person you care for while you attend sorry business (funeral), appointments or community meetings.

Who can get help

If you live in Western Region, you may be able to get support through Aboriginal flexible respite if you care for someone who has a disability and they or you identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and are accepted as such by your community.

How to get help

If you live in Western Region, have a yarn with a case worker about  Aboriginal flexible respite by calling  1300 134 450.

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