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Individual Funding

To help you reach your potential, we have been actively introducing person centred approaches to disability funding. This puts you, your goals and aspirations at the centre of the services you receive.

We take into account the full range of supports that may be available to you, including those provided by family and friends, supports available in the community, as well as disability services.

Individual funding is allocated to you rather than to a program, place, or funded provider. It gives you choice and control over how your funds are managed and the supports you can purchase.

With individual funding you develop an individual support plan about how you will achieve your goals and aspirations and meet your disability related support needs. You choose your supports and who provides them and also decide how you want your funding to be paid.

Individual funding can also help build your skills and help your family and carers to plan, negotiate and manage how your supports are delivered.

Individualised Programs

Currently, we have a number of program areas which include individualised funding options:

For more information go to the program web pages above.

Individual Funding Handbook

The Individual Funding Handbook applies to people who already receive individual funding and replaces all previous program guidelines for the individualised programs listed above. It is also for people with a combination of funding amalgamated into a single package.

The Handbook is a guide to the rules that apply when managing individual funding, including what it can and cannot be used for.

An information sheet on Frequently Asked Questions and a decision making tool are available to help determine supports that are within guidelines.

Intermediary Guide

The Individual Funding Packages: Guidance for Intermediaries is a companion document that provides guidance for intermediaries holding funds for people with individual funding. It contains advice and practical materials to help organisations better understand and implement the intermediary role and its requirements under their Funding Agreement.

Additional information can be found on the fact sheets provided.

Intermediary Booklet

A directory of organisations which have approval to provide intermediary services for individual funding, Choosing an intermediary for individual funding, has been developed to include all the program areas listed in this web page.

This booklet also gives you information on how to choose and intermediary, things to think about and questions to ask.

This booklet replaces earlier publications for Choosing an Intermediary/Service Provider for Supported Living Fund and Individual Accommodation Support Packages.

Governance Resource Kit

A new resource has been designed to help people with disability, their families and carers in making decisions about governance and sharing options to create the life they want with the supports they need. The suite of documents contained in this kit is endorsed for use by ADHC funding recipients as an information resource.

To find out more, go to the Governance Resource Kit web page.

For more information

Contact your ADHC Regional Office.

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