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Governance Resource Kit

Governance Resource Kit: a tool for individuals and families

The Governance Resource Kit: a tool for individuals and families (the Kit) has been designed to help people with disability, their families and carers in making decisions about governance and sharing options to create the life they want with the supports they need.

The suite of documents and tools contained in the Kit are endorsed for use by people currently receiving individualised disability support funding from the Department of Family and Community Services.

The Kit does not constitute legal advice, but is intended as an information resource.

We also hope that it will prove to be useful for people receiving supports in other jurisdictions and as they transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

What the Kit contains

  • Easy English information sheet explaining the purpose of the Kit, its contents and intended audience.
  • An Introduction, summarising the different parts of the Kit and how to use it.
  • Section 1: Getting Started, describes the key steps involved in developing a new shared living and support arrangement.
  • Section 2: Establishment, presents a Governance Framework, including key information about governance arrangement options needed to manage shared living and/or supports. It also outlines the types of informal groups or legal entities that could be considered.
  • Section 3: Operations, describes what needs to be considered in managing the day to day operations of shared arrangements.
  • Section 4: Shared Living, discusses different aspects to be considered in managing the key activities and decisions involved in shared arrangements.
  • Section 5: Costing Tool Instruction Guide, explains what the Sharing Supports and Household Costs Tool is and how to use it.
  • Section 6: Templates, contains a series of work sheets and useful templates which may be used to support your group, or to adapt to suit your individual arrangements.

In addition, there are two literature reviews which look at current trends in governance arrangements for individuals and families, and at resource sharing options:

Individual Funding Governance Kit: Resource Pooling Literature Review

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