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Employment Enablement Strategy


The Employment Enablement Strategy is a three-year disability employment initiative which aims to increase employment outcomes for people with disability in NSW. The Strategy has two main components:

  • provide employment preparedness through Employment Enablement Packages, and
  • build the capacity of businesses to employ people with disability.

More information on the Strategy can be found in the factsheet, brochure and framework.

Employment Enablement Packages (EEP)

Employment Enablement Packages provide 12 months of job readiness support. The objective of the Employment Enablement Packages is to create a pathway to employment for eligible adults with disability. Priority will be given to adults with intellectual disability.

A pathway to employment may include:

  • getting a job in either open employment or supported employment positions
  • referrals to a Disability Employment Service who can help you get a job (open or supported)
  • further education or training.

Participants will be supported to develop their employment-related skills, for example:

  • skills or qualifications required for specific industries
  • how to work independently
  • learning to travel independently
  • interview skills.


To be eligible for an Employment Enablement Package a participant needs to:

  • have a disability as defined by the Disability Inclusion Act 2014. Priority will be given to adults with intellectual disability
  • be aged between 30 – 55 years
  • have a work goal and see themselves moving into open or supported employment, or further education
  • have not previously had the opportunity to prepare for employment, for example, through the Transition to Work Program or equivalent
  • not currently being assisted through Disability Employment Service or accessing any formal process for achieving a work outcome.

How to apply

Contact a FACS District Office or an approved Employment Enablement Package provider. An application and consent form will need to be completed for each individual requesting an Employment Enablement Package.

More information on the Employment Enablement Packages can be found in the factsheet for individuals.

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