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Accommodation Support Policy

  1. Introduction
  2. Purpose
  3. Person Centred Guiding Principles
  4. Application of Principles
  5. Legislation
  6. Further Information

1. Introduction

Through the implementation of person centred approaches, Family and Community Services NSW (FACS), Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) has increased choice and flexibility in how it provides accommodation support for people with disability to live in the community with options similar to others.

Person centred approaches are applicable to the full range of supports available to a person with disability, including supports that are provided by family and friends, supports and services that are generally available in the community, and specialised supports that are provided within the disability service system.

This means that people with disability have more opportunities to live the way they want, and in the most independent way possible, as outlined in the Living Life My Way Framework.

ADHC promotes person centred approaches in accommodation support by providing a number of different accommodation types for people with disability based on the person’s disability support needs and preferences. These include group accommodation, drop in support and individual funding arrangements.

The Accommodation Support Policy and its associated documents, referred to in Section 4, replace the Allocation of Places in Supported Accommodation Policy and Procedures (2009) and all its attachments.

2. Purpose

Through the Person Centred Guiding Principles set out below, this Policy presents a basis for people with disability to be supported to achieve the accommodation outcomes they seek.

These principles guide the planning and provision of supports to people who are eligible for accommodation support.

The principles demonstrate a commitment to putting people with disability, their families and carers at the centre of decision making about the supports they obtain from mainstream and specialist disability systems.

3. Person Centred Guiding Principles

3.1 Person at the centre

The person with disability is central to the planning and decision making that supports them to achieve their vision about where, how and with whom they live. The person chooses the level of participation in planning according to her or his preference and ability, and is encouraged and supported to have as much control as possible over the whole process.

3.2 Self-directed approach

People with disability identify, design and oversee the supports they require in order to achieve their full potential. This self-directed approach ensures the person with disability, their family, carers and support networks are able to make informed decisions, with support if required, as to what supports best meet their individual needs.

3.3 Accessible information

People with disability, their families, carers and support networks are provided with the information they need, in the format they require, to assist them to set goals and make plans, decisions and choices about their lives.

3.4 Considering all options

Consideration of options available to support the person with disability includes informal supports from family, carers and friends, services in the community including mainstream supports, and options available in specialist disability supports.

3.5 Culturally responsive

Support and planning considers and reflects the cultural and linguistic background of the person with disability, their family and carers, recognising and addressing the barriers that these and other differences may create.

3.6 Flexible

Accommodation supports are responsive and flexible to meet the changing needs and interests of people over time, and provide for their participation in the community, development and maintenance of relationships, and enjoyment of opportunities in training, volunteering and employment.

3.7 Working in partnership

ADHC works in partnership with people with disability, their families, carers, support networks and service providers to ensure that active support is offered to facilitate effective and meaningful outcomes.

3.8 Transparent decision making

Decisions on the allocation of accommodation services are made on the basis of information provided by the individual about their accommodation support needs. Decision making is transparent, fair and free from discrimination. The process used and reasons for reaching a decision are recorded and shared appropriately with the person, their family, carers and support network.

4. Application of Principles

The Person-Centred Guiding Principles in Section 3 set out requirements that staff within ADHC operated and funded services must uphold when supporting people exploring and receiving accommodation support.

The Policy and Principles are implemented through:
  1. Accommodation Support Register Guidelines – providing the process for recording requests for and allocating accommodation support;
  2. Accommodation Service Provider Guidelines – assisting providers in using a person-centred framework in service provision. They refer to requirements under the ADHC Funding Agreement and recommended practices for accommodation service provision and safeguarding the quality of services;
  3. My Life and Somewhere to Live – Easy English guides for people with disability, their families and carers in understanding and obtaining services available from community and mainstream providers and specialist accommodation support.

5. Legislation

The Policy’s Person Centred Guiding Principles align with the principles of the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2006 (ratified by Australia in 2008) relating to a person’s accommodation support needs. The Policy and accompanying documents are governed by the Disability Inclusion Act 2014 and the National Standards for Disability Services.

The Disability Inclusion Act affirms that people with disability have the same rights as people without disability, including the right to exercise choice and control in the pursuit of their goals and the planning and delivery of supports. The Act guides the provision of disability services and will ensure that under the National Disability Insurance Scheme NSW continues to be a place where people with disability have access to mainstream services and are included in the community.

The National Standards for Disability Services have a focus on person-centred approaches and promote choice and control of their services by people with disability.

6. Further Information

For further information regarding the Accommodation Support Policy and accompanying documents, please e-mail Accommodation Programs Branch at:


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